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International Friendship Night

Delicious food + wonderful people, + international exchange = Great FUN!

International Friendship Night

Time & Location

4月29日 19:30 – 23:30

南風, 9-2 Tonomachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-0885, Japan


About the event

Buffet/ Viking style, eat all you can! +

Optional drink all you can or pay per order +

Friends from over the world +

Speaks whatever language you like +

Sharing information, culture, thoughts, jokes, whatever~~

It's gonna be a great night with GREAT FUN~

Bring your friends along!


¥3000 (tax in) for Eat All You Can


¥2000 (tax in) for Freeflow drinks

¥660 (tax in) for single glass of alcohol

¥550 (tax in) for singles glass of non-alcohol

Menu for Food:

Theme: Wrap Around the World

  1. Mexican Tortilla
  2. Indian-Naan
  3. Chinese-Man
  4. Vietnamese-Rice Wrap
  5. Japanese-Sushi Rice with Nori


  1. Curry Dal
  2. Ketchup Sardine Fish
  3. Soy Sauce Pork Mince
  4. Chicken Fajitas
  5. Terriyaki Beef


  1. Tiramisu
  2. Beans with Coconut Milk
  3. Mango Ice-cream

Menu for Drinks:

  1. Wine (of course!)
  2. Beer (of course too!!)
  3. Honey Soda
  4. Herbal Tea

To prevent food waste, RESERVATION is REQUIRED~~


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