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Living the Geo Lifestyle 

A neighborhood project by Ishikawa Dandelion

Living the Geo Lifestyle 
Living the Geo Lifestyle 

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Are you living in Japan and struggling to fit in and understand Japanese  culture? Do you miss having a family close-by to help you out and  support you? Then you should check out the Geo Lifestyle!  

Living the Geo Lifestyle - a project by Ishikawa Dandelion  

This project, focused within the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, is a  neighborhood project that aims to build connections between Japanese and  foreign residents. Experience the real Japanese way of life, build a  personal support system, and help create a more open and understanding  society.   

During this program, you can have the opportunity to be part of a  Japanese family for a day. Each time we will visit a family, and spend a  few hours with them preparing food together, learning their cooking  style, enjoying meals together, helping them with household tasks,  learning from their skills, listening to their stories of old, talking  with them, learning local phrases, and making friends.  

Let's break the barrier between Japanese and Foreigners, show everyone  our passion for Japan, and share our community spirit. Through this  project we hope to create opportunities for struggling foreigners to fit  into Japanese society, but also opportunities for Japanese to make  friends and receive community support.  Let's help each other out and  create a peaceful society for all.

Program rundown example:

08:00am - Meet up & car-pool

09:00am - Arriving host family's house

09:30am - Pick vegetables from garden and do some general gardening. 

11:00am - Prepare food for lunch, and eat and chat with everyone.  

13:00pm - Clean up together.  

13:30pm - Learn the skills that host family may offer, or help whatever the family needs.

** Dismiss time depending on each host family. Sometimes we may be even enjoy dinner or BBQ together.


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