• Ishi Dan

Beach Cleanup - Susan May

I've been attending the beach cleaning event almost every month since it started over a year ago, and hope to continue participating in it for years to come.

Coming from Australia where most beaches are spotless, I was surprised to see the amount of rubbish that lines the coast here.

I'd visited the beach many times, and always wanted to do something about the rubbish, but it's not easy to do alone. So when this event started, I was really happy to join.

What I like most about this event is that it's monthly, and early in the morning. So I can usually always find time to go, even if I have something on that day. Furthermore as it's monthly I know that even if I miss a month, I can always go again the next.

Most of the rubbish we find is washed up from the sea, so sometimes it's actually interesting to see all the random rubbish. I've even found a washed up fridge! Of course it's not always washed up, and you occasionally find rubbish dumped by beach goers, like beer cans and fireworks.

But over the year that we've been conducting this event, I have seen a reduction in the amount of rubbish. I believe that with frequent removal of washed up rubbish, the appearance of the beach will improve enough that visitors will feel more pressure to take their rubbish home.

It might take a while for that effect to be visible, but in the meantime frequent cleaning leads to a safer and funner environment for everyone to enjoy, and prevents the rubbish from returning to the sea and/or becoming micro plastic.

In the end it's not my rubbish, but this earth is my home, so I'll do what I can to help it thrive.