• Ishi Dan

Finally, we are Registered Volunteer Group! - Summer Ice


This has been a long-hold thought. And finally, we made it on June 2021,

Since the very first time I called up the beach clean-up event, I started thinking about whether to register a volunteer group or not. Kind of hesitated, as I wasn't very sure how much times and effort I personally can contribute into it, and how far we can move forward.

As, if I can't, how can I expect others can, right?

Mainly due to restaurant business is pretty times consuming. A lot of preparation, servings, cleaning, bla bla bla.. And I was kind of afraid I might lost the balance within business and life.

Somehow, thanks to the continue-stays of Mr./Ms.Corona de XIX, which actually given me a chance to step back from business, took some slow breaths, cleared out my mind, and worked out somethings else. Especially, grouping up right people with master mind and awesome rapport, and hyper spirit. Then later mapped out the blue prints and all the "ingredients" with great ideas that contributed by everyone.

I must say, this group was founded base on the believe and vision of all veterans and seniors. Which is the greatest encouragement that I appreciate so much.

Thanks my dears~