• Ishi Dan

Living the Geo-Lifestyle - Philip Cadzow


On Sunday (2021/11/21) I went to a Japanese home to spend the day there.

We picked vegies, seperated beans from the pods, crushed some other beans, exploded and then mashed some walnuts. Then we shaved some wood, wove some cedar coasters from that wood. And had a wonderful lunch and dinner surrounded by open hearted people. A good day!

It was a wondeful day. Not so much because of the crafting. But because how open and welcoming the family was. It felt like I was part of a family for a day.

There is something about being in that type of environment that is hard to encapsulate in words, yet essentially it felt like my heart had a deep breath of fresh air and had a chance to relax in what feels like an age.

Corona has made all our lives tougher with little to no chances to see our families or pets. While we might have good support networks, life worked out and general day to day is smooth, there is a general sense of politeness that keeps everyone distanced from each other.

You might have been to 10 tea ceremonies and the 17th newest scandanavian cafe for cheese cake. But you've probably forgotten how good it feels for a kitten to fall asleep on your lap as it spurs the rest of the family. It's a pretty darn good feeling.

Or how a group of 70 somethings who have all been in the same year group and schools chatter away over lunch.

There's a relaxed-ness about it all. A slowness of life.

I think it's a true testimony of how trusting this family was to open it's home to a stranger and it would be wonderful for this to continue, even with other families.

So please do be as respectful as possible so that we can continue to reap such emotional benefits and share our communities.